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Inevitably businesses must respond to lawsuits or demands from employees or competitors that threaten legal action. Businesses must also restructure at times and require assistance designing appropriate severance packages.

Stitz Litigation has successfully defended lawsuits against employers, commenced litigation to protect the interests of businesses and successfully represented organizations of all sizes at mediations and settlement conferences against other industry leaders and expert legal counsel.


We have been to trial on matters concerning allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, breach of confidence, wrongful dismissal, bonus and stock options denial. These are just a few of the specialized employment and labour related issues we help employers navigate.


Your business requires both a strong offence and defence. You require a firm and thoughtful response from an authority in order to convey the seriousness of your position and establish credibility. We provide the vision, tools, transparency and fair billing that will allow your business to protect its interests rather than fold in the face of pressure due to the insurmountable legal fees and inexperience of other corporate counsel.


Stitz Litigation, a top Toronto employment and labour law firm, advises and represents employers in Ontario on all legal matters relating to wrongful dismissal litigation and negotiation, severance packages, breach of contract, non-competition, non-solicitation, human rights and discrimination, Employment Standards Act violations, Ministry of Labour, Labour Relations Board as well as related administrative tribunal and statutory matters.

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