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Workplace Harassment

Wrongful Dismissal & Severance Packages

​Have you lost your job and received fair compensation for your service? Lets us help you determine if you have received a fair severance package from your employer.

Fired, wrongfully dismissed, laid off or terminated from your job? By default, when dismissed without cause (the majority of all cases), your employer owes you notice of dismissal and a severance package. Often your entitlements are far more than stated in your contract and the Employment Standards Act ("ESA"). They are generally much greater than your employer has initially offered or will tell you that you are owed. That is where Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers Toronto comes in. Often we can void your employment contract and obtain significantly greater severance for you. Your employer will often put you on an unrealistic timeline to sign an offer while not informing you that if you believe you are entitled to more you can hire employment lawyer to negotiate a better severance package.

Your employer generally owes you some form of compensation when you are dismissed from your job in Canada. This even includes situations where you have been dismissed for cause. Do you understand your legal rights if your employer ends your employment? Are you leaving hard earned money on the table?  Are you looking for answers? Call an experienced employment lawyer at Stitz Litigation to help navigate this difficult time and obtain fair compensation from your employer. Stitz Litigation helps employees with wrongful dismissal cases and the negotiation of maximum compensation severance packages. We negotiate directly with your employer to get you the results you deserve.

Losing your job can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences an individual goes through. If. you have been offered too little by your employer and wrongfully dismissed, Stitz Litigation takes on that burden and helps employees obtain the compensation they are owed. You generally do not pay unless we improve your severance package and recover more money for you.

​Your entitlements when you lose your job often extend beyond what is stated in your employment contract and the initial severance package and dismissal letter provided to you upon termination of employment by your employer. Your entitlements often exceed the minimum benefits provided for by the government. Do not assume you have received fair treatment. Have your employment agreement and any severance offer reviewed by a Stitz Litigation lawyer to determine if you have received the maximum settlement and compensation to which you are entitled by law.


If you have suffered a wrongful dismissal, call  Stitz Litigation, Toronto employment lawyer.


Whether you have been dismissed without cause, dismissed with cause or constructively dismissed, you need to speak to a lawyer before you sign anything.

Over the past decade Stitz Litigation has successfully negotiated maximum compensation severance packages on behalf of its clients. We negotiate directly with your employer on your behalf. In most instances, you will never see a courtroom or judge.

Employees are generally entitled to advance notice of their dismissal and/or guaranteed compensation and severance pay depending on the length of their service with an employer. They are also entitled to much more depending on the existence and wording on any written or verbal agreement with their employer. Call an Employment Lawyer at Stitz Litigation to determine if you have received maximum compensation and benefits.

Your length of service, your age, the nature of your employment and related factors can all impact the amount to which you are entitled.

No one case is the same, and a severance calculator and computer cannot be used to predict your entitlements. Every situation is unique. You need to speak to a lawyer.

Are you being denied a severance package or being offered an inadequate severance package?

Are you being denied a bonus?

Are you being denied benefits?

Are you being denied stock options?

We are Toronto’s Employment Law Firm. We have advocated on behalf of employees to enhance and maximize severance packages both inside and outside of the courtroom. We have increased the value severance packages as well as recovered bonuses, benefits and stock options. Often a significant portion of any legal fee will also end up being covered by your employer!

Constructive Dismissal

A fundamental change to the terms of your employment, compensation and/or the creation of an insufferable work environment can all result in a dismissal. This occurs without any formal firing or dismissal process taking place. Even if you have not been formally dismissed from your job and you are contemplating resignation, Call Stitz Litigation first.

  • Has your employer made the workplace intolerable?

  • Has your contract been changed without proper notice or financial consideration?

  • Are you taking on more work than agreed upon?

  • Has your role been changed to the point of embarrassment and demotion?

  • Has your work environment become poisoned and toxic?

  • Have you been promoted without pay or notice of such a change?

Call Stitz Litigation to talk to a Toronto, Ontario Constructive Dismissal Lawyer.

Just Cause Dismissal / Total Severance Denial

Has your employer dismissed you for just cause, alleged wrongdoing, wilful misconduct or poor performance? Call Stitz Litigation, a Toronto law firm specializing in severance recovery and just cause dismissal.

By default, you are entitled to reasonable notice or pay in lieu of notice before your employment can be terminated in Ontario.

Your employer bears the onus to prove just cause in order to deny some of your most basic legal entitlements.

Sustaining just cause allegations requires a contextual review of the surrounding circumstances. One act of wrongdoing or performance management may not always be enough to justify a dismissal and deny you compensation.

Even when wrongdoing or poor performance has occurred, you are often entitled to some compensation. Do not give up and accept no for an answer. Seek guidance from a professional.

Call Stitz Litigation, a leading employment and labour law firm, to see how we can help.

Workplace Discrimination / Human Rights

Throughout Canada there are laws that prohibit workplace discrimination and require accommodation of differences such as a disability. Stitz Litigation has helped employees suffering discrimination in the workplace as well as those requiring accommodation.

​Are you being denied equal treatment at work or being treated in a prejudicial manner based on your gender, colour, sex, race, a disability, your religion or other protected grounds under Ontario's Human Rights Code or the Canadian Human Rights Act, Stitz Litigation can help!

Has your employer denied you a parental leave or maternity leave?

Has your employer terminated your employment or changed your role or compensation because you took a leave of absence?

Employees are entitled to certain protections and Stitz Litigation can help employees extricate themselves from discriminatory work environments, request proper accommodation in the workplace or seek formal legal redress from a court or specialized human rights tribunals.

Workplace Harassment & Bullying

Harassment and bullying in the workplace are prohibited by law. We fight for our clients rights to be free from having to work in poisoned work environments. Stitz litigation specializes in acting as employment law counsel on workplace harassment and bullying matters.


Everyone should be able to work in a safe and healthy work environment. The Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out roles and responsibilities of workplace parties with respect to workplace violence and workplace harassment, including developing and implementing policies and programs and providing information and instruction on these.

Your employer has a duty to ensure a safe workplace and in certain circumstances investigate alleged wrongs.

You do not simply have to accept mistreatment or quit your job! Stitz Litigation has been helping employees develop strategies to manage cases of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination. Whether you wish to remain in the workplace or have suffered significant enough distress that requires compensation and renders the relationship insufferable, Stitz Litigation can help.

Are you finding your workplace intolerable as a result of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination? Call a Toronto, Ontario Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Lawyer at Stitz Litigation.

​In certain circumstances, you may be entitled to leave your current workplace and pursue your employer for severance, wages, emotional distress damages, discrimination related damages and much more.

​If you are a victim of workplace injustice, call Stitz Litigation so we can help empower you and obtain the maximum settlement and compensation to which you are entitled by law.

Contract Review & Negotiation

As an employee it is paramount you have your employment contract and any related agreement reviewed before you accept a job, before you accept a change to your role and at the time of dismissal.

Do not sign anything until you have had it reviewed. One hour could save you and/or make you tens of thousands of dollars.


Everything from your compensation, hours of work, restrictions on future work and competition, and entitlements at the time you are dismissed can be reduced to writing in an enforceable employment agreement. If you do not have an employment lawyer help you, you could be bound by the unfavorable terms of that agreement and cost yourself greatly.

Stitz Litigation is a top employment law firm in Toronto that reviews and helps negotiate the best possible employment agreements and contracts.

Disability Insurance Denial

Do you need assistance with a insurance related matter?

Has your employer or insurance company denied you benefits including, Short Term Disability ("STD") or Long Term Disability ("LTD")? Those are benefits to which you are entitled.

Stitz Litigation has successfully helped employees appeal insurance denials and pursue insurance companies and employers for unlawful denial of benefits.

Is the contract being breached? Is your insurer or employer acting in bad faith? These are questions an employment and labour lawyer from Stitz Litigation can answer for you.

You may have the ability to appeal an insurance denial or pursue your employer or insurance company by way of legal action. Do not settle for less.

If you are off work due to an illness or disability, but are being denied fair compensation, call Stitz Litigation for a disability insurance and benefits appeal lawyer.

Employment Standards / Labour Code Violations

Employees are often unaware that laws exist to protect them and ensure certain minimum standards are met.

The Employment Standards Act, 2000 and Canada Labour Code are two key pieces of legislation.

If you have concerns about your hours of work, overtime pay, leaves of absence, termination pay, severance pay or any other concerns about fair compensation, we can help.

You may be able to remove yourself from an intolerable workplace based on a violation of these standards or request fundamental changes to your current situation.

Stitz Litigation has assisted employees obtain fair treatment and compensation for more than a half decade by navigating employment, labour, workplace and human rights laws.

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Whether you are seeking help negotiating an improved severance package, representation in court for a wrongful dismissal or a proactive strategy to extricate yourself from an intolerable workplace, Stitz Litigation, Toronto Employment Lawyers, has the vision, experience and solution for you. Michael Stitz, one Toronto's  top employment and labour lawyers, has been successfully providing legal advice and winning representation to employees in Canada for the last decade. Call us for a free initial consultation to see how Stitz Litigation can help you.


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