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Businesses of all sizes are subject to certain laws and regulations that govern the treatment of their employees. Everything from compensation, leaves of absence, harassment and bullying to termination of employment. However, not all businesses can afford dedicated human resources staff or specialists that are up to date with current workplace, employment and labour legislation in order to ensure ongoing legal compliance.


Stitz Litigation can assist by drafting workplace policies and agreements that limit your future liability exposure while ensuring you comply with your legal obligations. This ensures you not only pass government audits, but are protected if an employee seeks to litigate matters.


Human rights, occupational health and safety as well as wrongful dismissal related laws and obligations can be confusing. Stitz Litigation can help navigate and respond to all of these issues.


Businesses cannot afford to simply be reactive at a time when employees are being empowered more than ever to pursue maximum compensation, benefits and even publicity.


The drafting of employment contracts and policies are some of the best investments that an organization can make. They assist with creating a predictable environment when it comes to human resources management; the absence of which can be crippling.


Contact Stitz Litigation, a top law firm in Toronto that specializes in providing human resources support.

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