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Starting a business can be a daunting task, particularly once you consider human resources and the hiring of additional employees as you grow.  However, there are simply too many legal avenues for employees to pursue their employers. You cannot afford to conduct your business with your employees on the basis handshake deals and haphazard management.


What you say and do around your employees can have significant consequences. A small investment in obtaining the proper legal knowledge and tools to navigate these issues can pay dividends.


New businesses require employment and labour counsel to protect their interests. They also must draft certain labour related policies and procedures that are mandatory by law. This includes navigating Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Standards, Human Rights and Workplace Safety and Insurance related statutes.


We can assist your business right from the point of inception. Stitz Litigation can employ an affordable strategy that will govern how the human capital of your business is managed.


Call Stitz Litigation, a top Toronto employment law firm, about how we can help your start up with its employment and labour law needs.

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