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Fired, wrongfully dismissed, laid off or terminated from your job? Obtain a free severance review if you have been dismissed without cause and you feel you have been offered too little or want to know your rights.


By law, when dismissed without cause (the majority of all cases in Ontario), your employer owes you notice of dismissal and/or a severance package. Often your entitlements are far more than stated in your offer letter, employment contract and the Employment Standards Act ("ESA"). They are generally much greater than your employer has initially offered or will tell you that you are owed. That is where Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers Toronto, comes in. We are severance package lawyers. Often we can void your employment contract and obtain significantly greater severance for you by making sophisticated legal arguments other lawyers have limited knowledge of. Your employer will often put you on an unrealistic timeline and give you a deadline to sign an offer while not informing you that if you believe you are entitled to more you can hire an employment lawyer to negotiate a better severance package. We even are able to get your employer to pay a portion of our legal fees in most cases.


Losing your job can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences an individual goes through. Often employees are taken advantage of and leave a lot of money and benefits on the table when they do not use the service of an employment lawyer for employees. If you have been offered too little by your employer and wrongfully dismissed, Stitz Litigation, Toronto employment lawyers, takes on that burden and helps you obtain the compensation you are owed. In most wrongful dismissal cases where you have been terminated without cause, you do not pay unless we improve your severance package and recover more money for you.  There is no risk. Let us tell you if you have been made a fair offer.


Your employment contract is often not enforceable and your employers has offered you too little. Speak to an experienced Toronto employment lawyer before you sign anything your employer presents to you upon termination of employment.

Stitz Litigation is a Toronto based employment law firm helping employees throughout Ontario determine if they have been provided proper notice or compensation when their employment is terminated for any reason. We then negotiate directly with your employer on your behalf. When that does not work, we use our expertise in Court to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Your length of service, your age, the nature of your employment and related factors can all impact the amount to which you are entitled. A termination of employment without cause during Covid-19 might entitle you to more than under ordinary circumstances. You need an employment law expert to guide you. Often you have the right to sue for wrongful dismissal when you do not agree with your employers offer or the amount state in your employment contract. Did you know your employment contract is often not worth the paper it is written on; entitling you to much more.


No one case is the same and a severance calculator and computer cannot be the only tool used to predict your entitlements. Every situation is unique. You need to speak to a lawyer.

Are you being denied a severance package or being offered an inadequate severance package?

Are you being denied a bonus?

Are you being denied benefits?

Are you being denied stock options or profit share?


​We represent employees from all industries and levels. Do not simply accept what is stated in your employment contract, the termination letter and initial severance package offered by your employer. Do not assume you have received fair treatment. Have your employment agreement and any severance offer reviewed for free by a leading Toronto employment lawyer that is published, quoted and has court victories to determine if you have received the maximum settlement and compensation to which you are entitled by law.


Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers, has been successfully negotiating maximum compensation severance packages on behalf of Ontario employees for the past decade. Trust a leading Toronto severance package specialist, an employment and labour law specialist, before you sign off on anything!


Employees are generally entitled to advance notice of their dismissal and/or guaranteed compensation and severance pay depending on the length of their service with an employer. They are also entitled to much more depending on the the wording in any written or verbal agreement with their employer and the surrounding circumstances of the dismissal. Call a Toronto employment lawyer at Stitz Litigation to determine if you have received maximum compensation and benefits. Why leave anything on the table and to chance when the future is uncertain. We fight for the compensation and fair treatment you deserve.


​Call Stitz Litigation, a leading Toronto employment law firm. We only practice employment law and have negotiated hundred of severance packages We have advocated on behalf of employees to enhance and maximize severance packages both inside and outside of the courtroom. We have increased the value of severance packages as well as recovered bonuses, benefits and stock options.


In most cases a significant portion of any legal fees will also end up being covered by your employer and Stitz Litigation offers no win no pay contingency fees. You don't pay unless we recover money for you. What do you have to lose. Call Stitz Litigation risk free. Do not settle for less after giving all of your time and effort to your employer over the years. Let us demand and fight for fair treatment for you.

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