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Rules exist that govern how a business can discipline and dismiss an employee. Stitz Litigation has been successfully assisting employers with disciplinary matters in the workplace for years.


It is paramount that employers draft workplace policies and procedures concerning employee discipline and then enforce and follow them. Developing a formal strategy to manage conflict and deal with discipline assists employers comply with their legal obligations and facilitates an easier and less painful termination experience if the workplace problem persists. It also provides an avenue to ensure employee engagement, productivity and adherence to policies and procedures on a go forward basis.


In addition, laws exist to protect employees when an employer’s discipline crosses the line and unnecessarily compromises the relationship. Discipline can result in a constructive dismissal in certain scenarios. A situation you simply wished to manage through discipline can turn into a costly liability scenario. A fine balance exists between formal discipline and dismissal. 


In some scenarios, an impartial external investigation must be conducted. If harassment or discrimination is involved, laws govern an employer’s response.


Contact Stitz Litigation, a top employment law firm based in Toronto. We have been advising businesses from all industries on how to handle employee disciplinary matters as well as developing disciplinary policies and procedures for over half a decade.

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