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Hiring and Dismissal represent two points in the employment relationship where obligations & liabilities are created.


If you are restructuring your business and looking to reduce your workforce, if you have problematic employees you are looking to terminate for any reason, including but not limited to performance and misconduct related concerns or you are concerned about protecting your business from a key departing employee, Stitz Litigation can employ a strategy to minimize liability exposure, protect your business and make the process as quick and painless as possible.


Every hiring and dismissal decision is unique as are the legal obligations that are created in relation to an employee. Stitz Litigation advises employers when it comes to employee hiring and dismissal related decision making.


Stitz Litigation assists employers develop severance packages and hiring packages that streamline the hiring and dismissal process.


Did you know you can often minimize costly liability if the conduct of your employees constitutes wilful misconduct or justifies a just cause dismissal? Are you aware you can negotiate severance entitlements at the point of hire to ensure a predictable end to the relationship in the future?

Did you know that departing employees can harm your business by using trade secretes, confidential information and poaching clients. You can protect your business with written agreements and strong representation from Stitz Litigation. We are specialists in litigation involving departing employees, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of confidence and related claims.


Stitz Litigation, a top Toronto employment law firm, can employ performance improvement plans and disciplinary policies and procedures to create safe, effective and predictable solutions to manage your workforce without costly headaches.

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