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Ontario Businesses of all sizes can protect themselves by drafting predictable, affordable and effective employment agreements and contracts.


When it comes to your employees and contractors, the terms of employment, termination of employment and/or rules concerning competition can be reduced to an enforceable contract that protects your business.


Everything from base salary, bonuses and stock options to termination can be dealt with in a written agreement. Stitz Litigation has helped employers by drafting enforceable employment contracts and workplace policies for years. You need a lawyer who is up to date with the changes in the law and can incorporate them into the rules that govern your workplace.


Employers can avoid significant future liability relating to issues such as termination, compensation and future competition of an employee. They can also make changes to an employees work environment that might not otherwise be possible unless the authority to do so is reduced to a written agreement.


If you are thinking of hiring someone or want to formalize your existing human resources and employee management processes, Stitz Litigation is a leading employment and labour law firm that can help develop a tailor made solution.


Are you aware that during the hiring process you can negotiate the future entitlements to which an employee is owed if a dismissal occurs?


Do you have an executive, key employee and/or fiduciary that could harm your business if they resign or are dismissed?


Stitz Litigation can draft non-competition and non-solicitation agreements that protect the economic and intellectual property interests of your business.


Call Michael Stitz, a Canadian expert employment and labour lawyer at Stitz Litigation. We specialize in the drafting of employment contracts, policies and workplace agreements.

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