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A fundamental change to the terms of your employment, compensation and/or the creation of an insufferable toxic work environment (harassment, discrimination etc.) can result in a dismissal. In this scenario you are owed compensation.  This occurs without any formal firing or dismissal being communicated to you. Even if you have not been dismissed from your job and you are contemplating resignation because you can no longer tolerate the workplace, call Stitz Litigation, Toronto employment lawyers,

You may be entitled to leave  obtain a settlement and severance package if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Has your employer made the workplace intolerable?

  • Has your contract been changed without proper notice or financial consideration?

  • Are you taking on more work than agreed upon?

  • Has your role been changed to the point of embarrassment and demotion?

  • Has your work environment become poisoned and toxic?

  • Have you been promoted without pay or notice of such a change?

Stitz Litigation is a top employment law firm that specializes in constructive dismissal cases. We get employees out of intolerable situations and compensated. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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