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If you are an employee or employer in need of trusted legal advice and representation from a respected Toronto employment lawyer regarding an employment law or labour law matter contact Stitz Litigation. We are a leading Toronto employment and labour law firm servicing all of Ontario. Take comfort in knowing we are published, quoted, have court victories and multiple 5 star Google reviews.


Stitz Litigation, a top boutique Ontario employment law firm, offers flexible legal fee arrangements including contingency fee options (no-win no-fee employment lawyer), a free initial assessment and  specializes in matters involving wrongful dismissal, negotiation of severance packages, constructive dismissal, dismissals for cause, management side grievance arbitration, professional disciplinary matters, Covid-19, workplace discrimination, harassment and disability insurance denial. You deserve integrity, experience and results. Contact us for a custom tailored solution to meet your employment law, labour law, human rights and litigation needs.

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Leading Employment Lawyer

Trust an industry expert that has been quoted, published and has courtroom victories. We will fight to resolve your case without a lawsuit and when that is not possible we aggressively advocate for your interest in Court.

We will put our money where our mouth is. If you are an employee and we cannot resolve or win your case you will not pay for legal fees.

Hire a specialist, a Toronto employment lawyer.  employment law, labour law and litigation. That is all Stitz Litigation does. Do not leave your fate to a generalist lawyer who claims to have expertise in all areas of the law. We write about the law and practice it. You need legal advice from a Toronto employment lawyer with the expertise to navigate your specialized workplace issue. You need someone who is not only compassionate, but who will stand in your corner and act as your advocate and fight for you. You need advice from someone who is published and respected.


For those cases that cannot be resolved by way of negotiation and settlement, Stitz Litigation has successfully fought in court for our clients. We do not back down or compromise your entitlements when the circumstances require escalation. Whether it is a wrongful dismissal, harassment case or breach fiduciary duty matter, we have the depth of experience you require.


Human Rights, Wrongful Dismissal, Just Cause Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and everything in between. If you need to start a lawsuit or legal proceeding or defend a lawsuit or legal proceeding, Stitz Litigation can help. If you want to develop proactive strategies to minimize liability or managing workplace issues, we have the legal advice and guidance. If you need a document reviewed, drafted or negotiated, we are here to help position you in best manner possible for success.

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Free Initial Consultation
Flexible Payment Options

Stitz Litigation conducts free initial employment law consultations in order to first determine if we are able to assist and provide further employment and labour law advice and representation that makes sense for you. We will provide you an initial assessment prior to providing formal legal advice and reviewing documents. The goal is to create a win-win.


Do not get lost in the marketing on television. Trust a lawyer that focuses on your matter rather than a personality on social media and television that will never handle your case and represent you after you hire them.  When you invest your time and money you do not want to leave it to chance and a firm that treats you like another number. Legal representation is not simply a commodity for which you should bargain hunt. Do not be lured by misleading advertising.

The nature of the legal services you require will often dictate the payment options available.


If you are an employee, we are often able to achieve an early resolution with having to start a lawsuit based on our reputation, knowledge and creativity, which results in a significant portion of your legal fees being covered and little, if any, out of pocket cost.


No one option is right for all scenarios. Depending on the circumstances, Stitz Litigation does take on employment law cases on a contingency basis (no win no pay). You only pay If we win or collect money for you. You will pay only pay when we improve the financial offer you are first provided by your employer or win in Court. While the rates vary depending on the nature and complexity of the case, our contingency fee is typically 30% + HST of the gross improvement we achieve for you. A portion of your settlement is used to pay your fee at the end of your case so you are not out of pocket during a time when you may have no income coming in.

We seek to minimize your out of pocket expense without compromising the quality of service you receive. Often the increased price of legal fees is a result of the large overhead of the lawyer and law firm selected. We do not download high operating and marketing costs onto our clients. At a vulnerable time you require transparency, compassion and fairness.

We also handle matters on an hourly retainer basis where you pay for the time you use and nothing more. Our hourly rate is $375.00 + HST per hour.

If you are an Employee, Employer or Contractor who is seeking legal advice and representation regarding a workplace, labour or litigation issue, Stitz Litigation will find a customized payment option that best suits your case and needs, maximizing your return on Investment.

Millions In Settlements & Savings

Whether your matter requires timely negotiation of a settlement or a strong offence or defence before a court, , we have the experience, knowledge and vision to achieve your legal goals. We have represented employees and employers from all industries.

While we have aggressively advocated for our client's interests publicly and argued on their behalf, the goal is often amicable, timely and cost effective negotiation, drafting and advice. 


Stitz Litigation has recovered millions of dollars for our clients . We have also saved them millions of dollars through transparent cost effective legal advice. This is why our clients consider Stitz Litigation to be the best employment and labour law firm in Canada.

Knowing when to start a legal battle and when and where to end it is a skill. The same can be said for employing proactive strategies to extricate yourself from a poisoned work environment in which harassment and discrimination are present or to protect your business from liability and an unjustified attack that could be devastating.

Trust a leading Toronto employment and labour lawyer. Trust Michael Stitz and Stitz Litigation.

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