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Workplace problem? We have the solution

Stitz Litigation is a trusted Toronto employment law firm with a track record of success. We represent employees and employers in all areas of employment and labour law. Call for a free case review with a leading Ontario Employment Lawyer. We specialize in wrongful dismissal and severance negotiation. Employment law is all we have done for more than a decade.  Do not rely on a severance calculator (a marketing tool) to tell you what your case is worth. Trust a highly recommended Toronto Employment lawyer to provide a thoughtful and personalized strategy to achieve exceptional results for you.

Ontario's Employment Law Firm

Toronto Employment lawyer providing and employment law and workplace support for employers operating throughout Canada:

Hiring & Dismissal

Severance Negotiation

Regulatory Compliance

Workplace Policies

Opinion/Audit Letters




Human Resources Assistance


A top employment law firm. Recognized wrongful dismissal lawyer that is quoted in publications and has 5 star Google reviews. See why our clients call us Toronto's best employment law firm.  We only practice employment & labour law. Subject matter experts.


Legal fees should not be a barrier to retaining the best employment lawyer and representation. Stitz Litigation offers a free initial consultation and contingency fee (No-Win No-Pay), hourly and hybrid payment options for most wrongful dismissal cases.


Work with 1 lawyer and get responses in 24 hours or less. No junior lawyers or assistants. We leverage the latest technology and our boutique size to focus on your needs with clarity, sensitivity and responsiveness. No red tape, broken promises and delays


We get results. Over 95% of our cases settle in our clients' favour without ever filing a lawsuit or being in a courtroom. When that is not possible we successfully represent our clients in Court in wrongful dismissal cases and motions. We do not back down from a fight.

We hit harder, work smarter and obtain more for our clients by leveraging our subject mater expertise, the latest technology and our reputation to efficiently and compassionately resolve employment and labour law disputes. That is my promise. Trusted employment law advice and affordable legal representation in a specialized boutique setting.  For more than a decade I have aggressively advocated to obtain the compensation and justice my clients deserve. Let us protect your interests and enforce your rights.

Michael Stitz

(Founder and Employment Lawyer)

Michael Stitz | Stitz Litigation | Toronto Employment Lawyer



*Written for or quoted in.


If you or someone you know has lost their job or been involved in a wrongful dismissal, workplace or corporate legal dispute and requires someone to fight for your interests, Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers Toronto, is in your corner. Unlike other law firms, we only practice employment law.


'Work directly with a top Toronto employment lawyer that knows all the latest legal updates and nuances of this specific area of law.  When you deal with a lawyer who is not a specialist you will spend more money and time and limit your recovery. When you deal with a subject matter expert like Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers, you achieve the maximum result in an efficient personalized manner.​

Why would you hire a personal injury lawyer to work on your employment case? Every area of law is unique and you deserve a specialist. Someone who devotes their life to the area of law you need help in when it matters most. Lawyers are not experts in all areas of law. Do not sell yourself short.

You owe it to yourself to achieve the best possible outcome. When you have a workplace problem or dispute, call an experienced Toronto employment lawyer. When something does not feel right in the workplace, call an employment lawyer for legal advice and be proactive to get ahead of a potential problem. Do not waste time and navigate these sensitive legal issues alone. Do not create stress that weighs on you and your family. Let an experienced wrongful dismissal lawyer help.


If you are an employee, we often are able to get your employer to contribute to paying your legal expenses. Our services pay for themselves.

You may be at risk of losing your job, you may have lost your job and wonder what your rights are and how much money might you might entitled to. You may have a toxic work environment and have suffered a constructive dismissal. At Stitz Litigation our Toronto employment lawyers will help you.


Toronto employment lawyer, Michael Stitz and Stitz Litigation represents Ontario employees, employers and contractors in all aspects of employment law and labour law. We are a top-tier employment law firm that acts on their behalf before courts and tribunals, negotiates employment contracts, severance packages and resolves all types of workplace disputes. Given we help both employees and employers understand and enforce their employment law rights and obligations; Stitz Litigation, Toronto employment lawyers, has the unique ability to see issues from both perspectives. This provides us with stronger negotiating powers and a more strategic viewpoint to advance our client's interests.


We do not provide one size fits all "cookie cutter" solutions or use severance calculators that take the human approach out of the law. We customize a strategy to fit your unique circumstances. Each legal case is unique just like you. We have become a recommended employment law firm because we get results. With our subject matter expertise and boutique size we recognize the importance of quality and can resolve disputes more effectively.  Less down time, red-tape and legal cost than other employment law firms. You deserve an experienced Toronto employment lawyer specializing in Ontario employment law to provide you with the workplace legal advice and representation needed.

As an employee, you are generally owed significantly more than your employer has offered you at the time of dismissal. You often believe your employer will treat you fairly because they are like family. In reality, they are not family and you are being short changed for your years of handwork and dedication. Over decades the law has developed in the are of employment and labour law and we have that knowledge. We advocated on behalf of employees to improve existing severance packages and negotiate directly on their behalf with their employer. We also develop strategies to remove employees from toxic  work environments marked by harassment, discrimination and improper workplace investigations. If you have been dismissed without cause, you should obtain a severance package review. In most cases we are able to provide a free initial consultation if you have been dismissed without cause. For most wrongful dismissals we also offer flexible legal fees where you do not pay legal unless we win your case or obtain a an improved offer from the one you had us first review. See: wrongful dismissal/severance packages.

Stitz Litigation has reported court wins, is published in some of the most reputable legal and news media publications. Rely on our reputation to resolve our employment and labour disputes quickly and in a cost effective manner.  We can assist with any aspect of Ontario employment law. ​Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients. From general labourers to C-suite executives, small startups and family businesses to large multinational firms; Stitz Litigation, employment lawyers, delivers lasting changes and measurable results in our clients favour. We are trusted by Ontario businesses to handle their human resources and related legal needs and have been trusted to represent athletes and executives in high stakes environments.  Individuals and businesses that require creative and results driven solutions for their employment, labour and litigation needs obtain it from us. A trusted Toronto employment law firm and labour expert offering flexible legal fees and legal counsel that has a track record of success obtaining millions in settlements and savings for its clients. 

We are a client centred employment law firm where you work with the same lawyer that you hire. No red rape, no junior lawyers, no bait and switch. Other lawyers and websites will try and sell you with severance calculators to draw you in and provide unrealistic and non personalized assessments of your case only to get you to compromise after you've hired them and/or paid them a retainer. Why not speak with an employment lawyer who can give you a complimentary severance review before spending your hard earned time and money retaining an Ontario employment lawyer. If you are an employee you are often going to be short changed or offered less than if you had a lawyer. We pay for ourselves in the return we are able to get you. If you are business you will likely expose yourself to more financial loss and liability without hiring an experienced employment lawyer. For wrongful dismissal cases where you are an employee and have been dismissed without cause or suffered a constructive dismissal; we offer a free initial consultation with an employment lawyer to determine if we are able to assist. While some cases will require  document review or discussion that may not allow us to provide a free review, we strive to find a win-win for everyone who contacts us


Toronto employment lawyer Michael Stitz has been serving Ontario employees and employers with success for the past decade. Stitz Litigation prides itself on a deep tradition of excellence, ensuring only the highest quality service. Michael Stitz is a leading employment lawyer who has been recognized for his legal research and writing as well as had measurable success before Courts and Tribunals. Stitz Litigation understands the challenges and pressures that come with every cases as we know employment often makes up a significant portion of  an individual's identity. We are here for you every step of the way. Michael Stitz is a respected and trusted Toronto employment lawyer that represents employees and employers from all industries and levels.

We are an employment law firm that offers pragmatic, creative and cost effective solutions. Our goal is to minimize our client's downtime concerning themselves with legal issues and maximize their return on investment. Our boutique client centred approach offers the personal touch our clients deserve while approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Our reputation and subject matter expertise generally allows us to resolve your legal matter without having to ever go to court. When that is not possible, we aggressively fight to advance our client's interest in court and before tribunals.

Whether you need a legal consultation or counsel for a court case, Stitz Litigation, Toronto employment lawyers, offers skilled legal counsel that will walk you through every step, taking care of any issues you may have along the way.

With Stitz Litigation, rest assured that your case is in the best hands.

Get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.





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For any general inquiries, please fill in this form. The use of this form and website does not constitute legal advice or create a lawyer and client relationship. The Website is not intended to be a comprehensive or detailed statement concerning the matters addressed; legal or any other kind of advice; or an offer to sell or buy any product or service. 

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*For non union employees who have been wrongfully dismissed and offered a severance/financial package.

Legal fees should not be a barrier to obtaining quality legal representation and determining your legal rights as it relates to labour and employment law.

Stitz Litigation, Toronto Employment Lawyers offer a free initial consultation as well as contingency fee (no-win no-pay) legal fee payment options for wrongful dismissal cases.


Once you contact our employment law firm and we confirm we have no conflict of interest in providing you with legal advice and the subject matter of your inquiry is something we can address, we will engage you in a brief telephone call or electronic communication to provide you with a free initial case assessment. We will determine if a further in depth consultation, retainer and/or document review is necessary and outline next steps (timelines, cost and process). You then make the decision. We look to create a win-win and advise if your case has merit before your time and money is invested.

In some instances where an in depth discussion, document review or written opinion is required before you retain our firm we do charge a fixed hourly fee.

E-mail, live chat or call us to see how we can help you.

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